Election Dilemma: British Netizens Asked Google 'Who Should I Vote For'

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According to Google Trends, searches for 'Who should I vote for' spiked before UK elections as some netizens believe that the answer lies in a search engine.

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According to Google Trends, searches for 'Who should I vote for' reportedly spiked in the week before the United Kingdom elections as some netizens believe that the answer to exercising their democratic right lies in a search engine. According to reports, currently, the most trending result is one article from BBC which links out to an interactive manifesto comparison tool. The second most trending article goes straight to a 'quiz' which promises to match the right candidate depending on how one answers a series of policy question. 

According to an international media outlet, results from media outlets such as The Telegraph and The Sun were also the most trending Google searches. While people are pondering what happened in the election the re-elected Prime Minister of Britain Boris Johnson is all set to unveil the new government on December 16 after a historic Brexit-dominated outcome in the snap general elections. Johnson has promised to 'get Brexit done' by January 31, 2020, and the parliament is now free to approve the Withdrawl Agreement Bill which was initially proposed by him. However, a parliamentary deadlock was created on the fast track time-table for Britain's much-awaited divorce from the 27-nation bloc. The Conservatives were able to acquire a thumping majority in the British parliament with 365 seats in the face of Jeremy Corbyn's Labour's crushing defeat.

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Johnson's victory speech

During his victory speech, Johnson addressed the enthusiastic audience roaring phrases like, 'we did it', 'we pulled it off', 'broke the deadlock'. The re-elected UK PM expressed his joy over the 'glorious pre-breakfast moment' of Conservatives acquiring 365 seats in the British Parliament leaving 'no if's, no but's, no maybe's' that the new government will 'finally' get Brexit done by January 31, 2020.'

Johnson said, “Getting Brexit done is now the irrefutable, irresistible, unarguable decision of the British people. With these elections, we put an end to miserable threats of the second referendum.”

After lauding all his Party colleagues, Johnson said that 'new dawn rises on the new day and a new government' which will work for the people. The re-elected UK PM thanked all the British people who came out to vote for the snap general elections and chose the Conservatives. 

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