Ex-British PM David Cameron Post 2016 Brexit Results Feels 'depressed'

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Ex-British PM David Cameron after 2016 Brexit results feels 'depressed'. Former Conservative Party leader said he believes that the referendum was ‘inevitable'.

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On September 13, the former British Prime Minister said to the international media that he feels “depressed” after the results of the 2016 referendum aiming at Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union. A month ago David Cameron, the former Conservative Party leader turned his back from the 10 Downing street after the British people cast their votes in the month of June in support of Brexit. The vote count was 52 as against 48. David Cameron speaking his heart said that he believes that the referendum was ‘inevitable’. In his elaborate interview on the Brexit deal on Friday, he broke his silence while speaking to international media saying that he understands some people will never forgive him for his decision to hold a referendum.

David Cameron worried about Brexit

In his interview, Cameron said that the long-drawn problem needed to be addressed and he thought that a referendum was on its way, so it was better to get the required reforms and have a referendum as soon as possible. In his interview, he accepted his failure and acknowledged the anger of people who were against Brexit. He also said even he never wanted to leave the European Union. The interview highlighted his worries about his efforts which went in vain and the constant reminder of failure, especially towards his people. Cameron was disappointed about the fact that he lost and is reminded every single day about the referendum. He said that he is desperately worried about what the next step in the Brexit issue will be. He believes that with mutual consent the European Union and Britain can reach a conclusion. It is better to jump to a conclusion than suffer from the painful procedure of decision making which is affecting the country and the people. Cameron said,

"I worry desperately about what is going to happen next. I think we can get to a situation where we leave but we are friends, neighbors, and partners. We can get there, but I would love to fast-forward to that moment because it's painful for the country and it's painful to watch,".

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Cameron trust PM Boris Johnson

Cameron, in his meeting, further charged Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Cabinet Minister Michael Gove of acting in dismay during the 2016 EU referendum campaign. He said they had left truth at home. Although he said he trusts that Johnson will figure out how to protect an agreement and secure a deal with Brussels. Cameron also feels that a second referendum might be required to take the deal further, one step closer.

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'For the Record'

Cameron’s upcoming publication will soon be out in the market which explicitly talks about the Brexit debate before, during and after the referendum was put to practice. The memoir is called ‘For the Record’, about which he talked during the interview. Over three years after the fact, no one knows how the Brexit journey will end, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson staying convinced that a deal with Brussels will be struck by the October 31 due date when Britain is booked to leave the coalition, in spite of a large number of obstacles to explore.

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