Firefighters Rush Home Responding To Smoke Alarm. What Happens Next Will Take You By Surprise

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A team of British firefighters rushed to a home in the Daventry town after they received the report of multiple fire alarms. However, they were up for a surprise after reaching the house

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A team of firefighters in Northamptonshire, England immediately rushed to a home in the Daventry town after they received the report of multiple fire alarms going off at the house. However, what they witnessed after reaching the house came as an unexpected surprise for the firefighters. While they would have expected to clear off the fire at the house, it turned out to be a false alarm. If you are assuming that it was prank then you need to rethink.

Apparently, after reaching the house, the firefighter came across the owner’s parrot who turned out to be impersonating the smoke alarm which led to multiple alerts of fire. Well, you read that right.

While there beeping sounds of the fire alarm, there was no fire at the house. Interestingly, the African Grey parrot Jazz belonging to the owner was mimicking the alarm as a game.

Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service, who attended the emergency call in a statement explained that in some properties, smoke alarms are monitored by an alarm-receiving company. If an alarm is activated, they try to make contact “with the resident to establish whether there is a fire or if it is a false activation.”

“When we arrived at the property, the householder assured us there was no fire and we checked and cleaned the smoke alarms to try and prevent further activation. While we were doing this, we could still hear an alarm in the background and soon realized it was African Grey parrot Jazz continuing to do his excellent impression of a smoke alarm!” Watch Commander Norman James said while speaking to local media.

Northamptonshire Fire service also posted a tweet about the incident:

Check out some Twitter reactions to the incident:

Reports also reveal that the incident brought an unprecedented smile on the faces of the responders. They were relieved that the parrot was safe.

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