Footage Shows Airliners Struggling To Land Amid Storm Ciara In Manchester

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Footage show plane rocked side-to-side battling to reach the ground as the extreme weather caused challenges for the pilots to land the aircraft.

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Several planes bound for Manchester struggled to land due to strong gales of wind caused by storm Ciara which lashed the UK. The storm is being considered the most severe storm that the country has witnessed in seven years. Footage captured the aircraft rocking back and forth due to strong winds as it attempted to land on the tarmac at Manchester airport.

Singapore Airlines Jetliner rocked

The disturbing footage of the aircrafts show planes rockeing side-to-side battling against winds to land safely. The extreme weather has delayed flights and caused challenges for pilots to land aircrafts. Heathrow, Luton, Manchester, and Birmingham Airport on Sunday cancelled departures.

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Pilots struggle to do a crosswind landing

In a video that emerged amid the Storm Ciara of the Manchester airport, several aircrafts can be seen swinging sideways as they try to descend to the ground but the crosswinds sweep pushed the Airbus to the extreme left making the landing for the jetliners extremely difficult. The Ryanair airplane struggles to touchdown the runway but manages to hover slightly above it.

The Qatar Airways flight aborted the landing due to the heavy winds at 90mph and took off once again in the sky, reportedly circling for hours to be able to land safely.

The pilot of Singapore Airlines seemingly struggles to level the aircraft with the ground in a dramatic crosswind landing moments before the jetliner hits the UK territory. According to the reports, this wasn’t the only aircraft that suffered a dodgy landing as a result of the Storm Ciara.

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Several airplanes could not land on the runway due to heavy winds and had to be diverted, the ones that could employ the Crabbing technique for landing in the severe crosswinds, had a terrifying touchdown on the runway as the planes could not align straight with the strip. 

Several airplanes flying from the Airports in Warsaw were diverted from the intended landing spot in London to the Birmingham Airport. The UK has cancelled several domestic and international flights due to the bad weather condition.

Heathrow Airport authorities told the reporters that it made a joint decision with airline partners to operate a reduced schedule of flights. British Airways has also halted a number of routes out of London airports and is offering customers flexible rebooking options.

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