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Here's The Truth Behind Kid Mysteriously Appearing On Live TV Interview That Left Netizens In Shock

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Published:

Do you think time travel and teleportation is possible? If not, then you should see the video of this kid teleporting in the middle of a LIVE broadcast. Some people are calling it “a glitch in the matrix” or a “break in the time continuum,” while others were 100% sure that it is nothing but a just a lazy jump cut, trying to manipulate the words of the interviewee. So, what's the truth? But first take a look at the viral video below:

So, what happened?

Recently, during a very serious interview, many viewers were left confused after watching a kid appear in the background from thin air. The interview was about the British Prime Minister Theresa May’s leadership. But soon the news went far away from the political discussion. 

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After this act was caught on camera, the attention shifted from the lady in front to the child who suddenly appeared in the background. Obviously, everyone was stunned to see this strange act. The 10-minute clip was then shared on Twitter. Some people started to compare this strange happening with famous sci-fi and mystery shows and movies. Though no one is still sure of what to make out of the video.

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The Truth:

Without knowing a complete truth, Netizens took over Twitter to share their shocked response about this strange kid teleporting from thin air. The head of the video at the British news website confirmed that it was nothing more than just a lazy editing that looked like a kid teleporting.

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