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Human Bone Found In Primark Socks Not Linked To Crime: Police

A piece of human bone was found by a customer in a pair of socks sold by Primark store, however, the police have said that it has not been linked to any crime.

Human Bone

A piece of human bone was reportedly found by a customer in a pair of socks sold by a Primark store, however, the police have said that it has not been linked to a crime. According to an international media report, the socks were bought from the Colchester store before Christmas last year and is believed to be part of a phalanx, a bone in the finger. The police officers had investigated as far as reasonably and proportionately possible and they believe that it is a possibility that it was placed in the sock in its country of origin. 

While speaking to an international media outlet, an Essex Police spokesperson said that the bone found did not appear to be a result of recent trauma as it had no skin or other particles surrounding it. He further said that an investigation has been filed and if further information comes to light it will be reviewed. According to reports, Primark also carried an investigation at the factory where the socks were made, however, they were no able to find any evidence that suggested an incident had occurred.  

A spokesman from Primark reportedly said that it is highly probable that the object was placed in the socks by an individual for an unknown reason. He further also said that Primark has been subjected to isolated incidents in past, which have subsequently been found to have been hoaxes. He also said that following their own and the police investigation, the matter is considered to be closed.

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Human bones found in a park 

In another such incident, park rangers reportedly found human bones in a remote area of Southern California's Joshua Tree National Park. According to reports, there were no initial signs of foul play, but an investigation is still ongoing. The remains were spotted a week back during an analysis of photos taken in the area last summer. The park service was alerted, and rangers hiked to the area, which is remote, rocky and away from trails, on December 27. According to an international media report, there they found human bones and personal belongings, but no ID and it is also not clear how the person died. Last year, hikers also reportedly found human bones near a trail in the desert park. 

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