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UK PM Johnson Resists National Lockdown, Says He Will Stick To His Localised Approach

UK PM said that he resisted on a short lockdown for all of England, but also added that he ruled nothing out in the face of calls to shut the country down.


With coronavirus cases surging across the nation, British PM Boris Johnson, on October 14, said that he resisted on a short lockdown for all of England to ‘avoid the misery’. Johnson said that he resisted a call from his political opposition for a temporary 'circuit breaker' lockdown to halt the spread of COVID-19, but said he rules out nothing. While speaking at the Parliament, UK PM said that he would stick to his localised approach. 

Boris Johnson said that his government will combat the virus with the local, the regional approach that can drive down and will drive down the virus if it is properly implemented. He said that he will stick to his three-tier approach that was announced Monday, that rates the level of COVID-19 cases in specific areas. Echoing the same, British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak told Parliament he also believes that a second national lockdown would carry heavy economic and social costs that could permanently damage the UK economy.

On October 12, Johnson gave a statement to parliament following enhanced consultations with the local leaders of the affected regions especially England. To slow the spread of COVID-19, months after it reached Britain, the government unveiled the “traffic light” system at the House of Commons. 

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Johnson unveils three-tier system

The three-tier measures are the most severe ones to be imposed in those areas as people will be ordered to not have any physical contact with anyone except their household. For the areas of England, pubs, bars, and restaurants where an uptick of COVID-19 cases is recorded will also be closed. Meanwhile, for tier-one areas, the British citizens will follow the “rule of six” on public gatherings and practice social distancing. Tier two will prohibit households from mixing in homes, gardens, pubs, bars or even restaurants. 

As per the new system, areas in England are divided into three categories- Medium, High or Very high risk. According to these categories various restrictions have been placed. However, the “very high” risk tier will face the most restrictions, including closing pubs and local authorities can also order to close other venues such as gyms and casinos.

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