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Kate Middleton Has A Specific Pizza Preference That Has Managed To Create A Twitter Flurry. Here's Why

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • Kate Middleton prefers bacon over pepperoni in her pizza
  • While the Duchess of Cambridge was making pizza with a group of kids, a little girl asked her 'Does the Queen eat pizza?'

In another pizza news, the Duchess of Cambridge has created a social media havoc with her peculiar pizza preference. And it's bacon!

Kate Middleton while on a visit to King Henry's Walk Garden in North London, accompanied a group of kids and indulged in some pizza baking along, while rolling the base and smearing the sauce, she spoke about the toppings that she likes on her pizza.

While one kid said they like to put cucumber and cheese on their pizza, Middleton responded saying that prefers to have bacon on hers. 

While this conventional choice did not particularly become the cause of the stir, it was when the Duchess of Cambridge further said that she prefers bacon over the usual pepperoni because it's not as spicy.

Yes, the Duchess of Cambridge has her own Scoville scale, where she finds pepperoni hot. 

The Royal correspondent shared a video of Kate busy baking pizza with the kids while she shared this information. She could be heard saying, "Its like having pepperoni, but it's not as spicy" while speaking of bacon.

While you're at it, in the video, a little girl also had an intriguing question that probably most of us often wonder about, she asked, "Does the Queen eat pizza?"  

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As soon as the member of the Royal family spoke out, social media was quick to go gaga over this. Everyone had opinions, here are the few of them:

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