Lisa Nandy, Piers Morgan Engage In Heated Debate Over Trans Rights

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Labour party leadership candidate Lisa Nandy and English broadcaster Piers Morgan engaged in a heated debate over trans rights that took place on a TV show.

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Lisa Nandy

Labour party leadership candidate Lisa Nandy and English broadcaster Piers Morgan engaged in a heated debate over trans rights that took place during a discussion on ITV's Good Morning Britain. Nandy on the show was asked by Morgan to justify her stand over self-identified transgender people in sports who were born with male biological bodies but now wants to compete in women's events. Morgan supported his argument with an example from New Zealand, where a male weightlifter who now identifies as female is planning to compete in women's competition. 

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Nandy was seemingly outraged by the argument and accused Morgan of setting-up a false between the two groups. Nandy also accused Morgan of pitting women against transgender people. The labour member said that she would set-up a commission to decide on the matter whether a person born with a male biological body can compete against women after identifying himself as female. Morgan then interrupted Nandy and said that the Olympics is in three months and a commission cannot be set-up in such a short time and decide on the issue. Morgan then accused Nandy of dodging the real question because she feared that her answer would cause serious ramifications.

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Morgan repeated his old analogy of penguin comparison to which Nandy advised him to get a new joke and reiterated that trans people are most discriminated against people in the country. As per reports, Morgan once changed his Twitter profile picture of himself as a penguin in a reported attempt to mock self-identification. The heated debate between Morgan and Nandy ended with the broadcaster not agreeing with the latter's defence for trans rights when it comes to self-identification. 

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Labour party leadership election

As far as the labour party leadership election is concerned, Lisa Nandy is on the ballot paper along with two other fellow members of parliament Keir Starmer and Rebecca Long-Bailey. The election will decide who will replace Jeremy Corbyn as the new labour leader in the British parliament and for the next general election. According to reports, around 6,00,000 members of the Labour Party are voting in the election and the final result will be announced on April 4. 

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