Little Girl Reveals She Knows Who The Tooth Fairy Is In A Cute Letter

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A little girl in London won a million hearts when her father posted her handwritten note where she said she knew the truth about the 'Tooth Fairy' online

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Little girl

A little girl in London won a million hearts when her father posted her handwritten note telling him that she knew the truth of the 'tooth fairy'. The girl requested her parents to “stop lying” because she knows it is them who take her broken tooth. She also asked them to leave her £100 GBP instead of £1 GBP. Netizens were in a state of awe as towards the ending of the note she puts up an innocent question asking what do her parents do with all the teeth. The father even said that the last line has “absolutely finished” him.

'The great detective'

Sam Freedman, the CEO of an international non-profit consultancy posted the letter on Twitter and it has collected over two thousand likes and two hundred retweets. His 9-year-old daughter was curious about the mystery of 'tooth fairy' and wanted to figure out who actually took their broken tooth. The elder daughter, teamed up with her younger sibling to break it down to her parents that she knows about their sneaking in and behaving as the fairy who takes the broken tooth. She referred to herself as the great detective. 

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Amused netizens

People on Twitter were amused by the adorable gesture of the little girl and responded hilariously to it. One of the netizens even told Freedman to wait till she finds out about the truth regarding "Father Christmas". People also recalled the experiences with their children who found about the tooth fairy at different ages and how cute they were. But everybody wholesomely loved the idea of the younger Freedman for adding "P.S." towards the end where she puts up the question of what really happens to all the teeth. Few people even confessed that they themselves have never thought about the fate of them.

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