Man Buys Stolen £1,350 Bicycle For £80, Returns It To Rightful Owner

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A British man bought a stolen bike so that he could give it back to its rightful owner. According to reports, Ste Burke paid £80 for a £1,300 worth bicycle.

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A British man recently bought a stolen bike so that he could give it back to its rightful owner. According to reports, Ste Burke paid a sum of £80 for the bicycle which he was aware that would cost well over £1300, after being approached by three men who asked him if he was interested in buying the bicycle. Burke said that after seeing a bike lock on the back wheel of the cycle, he realised that it had been stolen from someone.

While talking to a local media outlet, Burke said that he had just reached home from the gym and was taking his bag out of the car boot when he was approached by three men wanting to sell the cycle. He further added that the thief wanted to sell a £1300 cycle for £100 but he offered him 80 pounds and he took it.

Burke said that as soon as the thieves left, he posted a tweet along with a picture of the bicycle.

The man had a key to the lock and papers of the bicycle

The post went viral and had garnered over 53,000 likes and more than 12,000 comments. Burke said that he was contacted by someone who knew the original owner, adding that she put him in contact with the owner. Burke further added that he met the man after some time, adding that the man who claimed to be the owner had a key to the lock as well required documents to establish that he was the rightful owner of the cycle.

Burke said that the man thanked him for his actions and then went on to tell him that his bike had been nicked in a house robbery, adding that getting his bike was good news for the man. The Britisher also said that the cycle owner offered him money but he did not take it because it just did not feel right.

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Ste Burke applauded by Stormzy

After the interaction, Burke posted an update to whatever had happened after he posted his first tweet about the incident. He was applauded for his actions and was even congratulated by rapper Stormzy. He was also offered a free bike by the company who made the 'stolen' bike.




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