UK Student Loses Half His Weight In One Year, Lecturers Fail To Recognise Him

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A twenty-year-old student Kaya Tuncar lost so much weight in just one year that lecturers at the University of Manchester were unable to recognise him.

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A 20-year-old student lost so much weight in just one year that lecturers at the University of Manchester were unable to recognise him. Kaya Tuncar who weighed 190 kilograms just one year ago managed to lost half his body weight by following the 1:1 diet by Cambridge Weight Plan, which his mother informed him about. Kaya while talking to the media said that his mother Michelle inspired him to lose weight after he saw her incredible weight loss transformation. 

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Incredible weight loss

Kaya's 46-year-old mother lost 38 kilograms by following the same 1:1 diet by Cambridge Weight Plan. According to media reports, one more reason that Kaya decided to lose weight was that he started experiencing pain in his chest. Kaya further said that he used to binge eat to the point that he wouldn't eat in public. Being overweight left him unhappy and he started to lose confidence but he was so impressed by his mother's weight loss transformation that he decided to do it himself. After losing half his weight, Kaya said that he now feels much more confident and fit. 

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After Kaya returned to his university people were unable yo recognise him and kept asking if he was a new student. Kaya told the international press that his favorite thing when he was overweight was cheese sandwiches and toasties, basically anything with a lot of cheese and bread. Kaya blamed takeaways and bacon butties as the reason behind his rapid weight gain while at the university. 

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Kaya's mother Michelle decided to sign up for the weight loss plan initially but when her son saw her lose 12 pounds in the very first weigh-in he was impressed and decided to do it himself. What inspired Michelle to take the weight plan was that she was involved in an accident and had to undergo a knee replacement due to her size. Michelle while talking to the media said that she is proud of herself and her son. Michelle said that her biggest downfall was takeaway and pizza and at one point she was drinking six litres of Pepsi Max every day. 

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