Royal Split: Prince William And Prince Harry To Part Ways

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The Royal Family of England seems to be all set to undergo some drastic changes as Prince William and Prince Harry are all set to part ways, divide the household and create two separate courts.

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The Royal Family of England seems all set to undergo some drastic changes. As per media reports, Prince William and Prince Harry are all set to part ways and divide their royal duties. As per an interview with a royal correspondent, the royal family has reportedly revealed that the royal brothers, who were a part of the Kensington Palace, are now planning to divide the household and create two separate courts. Both the royal couples- Prince Harry-Meghan Markle and Prince William-Kate Middleton are planning to live and function separately. 

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Kensington Palace is the main residence of the royal family set in Kensington Gardens. It is made up of the main palace and additional homes on the grounds. It also operates as management of the young royals and their duties. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are currently residing in a cottage on the Kensington Palace grounds, however, it is speculated that the pair will move in the main palace following their tour of the Pacific, which finishes on Wednesday.

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The news of the split of the royal household came after the announcement of Meghan's pregnancy, which further suggests that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be needing more space and time to prepare for the arrival of the royal baby, and thus they are moving into a bigger accommodation.

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This might be a very normal thing in the regular families but in the royal household, Prince William and Prince Harry are known to be very close to each other. They have been hugely dependent on each other ever since their mother, Lady Diana, passed away in a car crash. Prince Harry was just 12 years and William was 15, when Diana, Princess of Wales, passed away. The tragedy strengthened the bond shared by the princes and since then they have always got each other's back.

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In fact, William served as Harry's best man in his marriage with former Hollywood actress Meghan Markle. However, media reports suggest, since now they have their own families, they no longer rely on each other like they earlier used to. Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan, who are currently on their official international tour are expecting their first child in Spring 2019. 

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