Ryanair Faces Backlash Over A Passenger’s Racist Attack On An Elderly Woman

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Irish airline, Ryanair, is facing backlash, after a video showing one of its passengers yelling racial abuses at a female co-passenger went viral

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Updated On:

Irish airline Ryanair, is facing huge public outrage after a video showing one of its passengers yelling racial abuses at a female co-passenger went viral on social media. The incident was recorded by another passenger named David Lawrence, on October 15, during a flight from Barcelona to London in which an aged man is seen shouting at an aged woman of colour and forcing her to move seats, even as her daughter can be seen standing up to the man, telling him that her mother is disabled. However, the brazen man responds by saying:

“I don’t care whether she’s disabled or not – if I tell her to get out, she gets out.”

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In the video, a flight attendant can also be seen intervening and trying to calm the situation down. He can be heard telling the man, “You’re acting super rude. You have to calm down". However, later, he asked the 77-year-old woman whether she would like to sit elsewhere.

Following the unexpected incident, the woman named Delsie Gayle and her daughter spoke to the media on Monday, expressing their discontent in the matter. The woman said that she felt really depressed about the matter as she felt that she hadn't done anything wrong to provoke the man to attack her. She said that she was shocked that he attacked her because of the colour of her skin and that nobody ever said those things to her before that.

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Gayle's daughter has demanded a public apology from Ryanair because of the flight's incompetency in removing the man abusing her and her mother, calling the airline unprofessional for not apologising to them.

Apparently, Airline Ryanair, on October 21, released a statement on Twitter, in which they claimed that they have reported the matter to the local police for further investigation.

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