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UK Braces For ‘knock On Effects’ Of Bomb Cyclone That Struck US; Issues Yellow Warning

The ripples of the bomb cyclone that has battered the United States are likely to be strongly felt all the way in the United Kingdom, including Scotland.


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The ripples of the Bomb Cyclone that has battered the United States are likely to be felt all the way in the United Kingdom, with the Met Office declaring a yellow weather warning for heavy rainfall in Scotland, Sky News reported. The warning will be in effect from 3 am on Friday for a period of 15 hours in the Scottish cities of Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Stirling.

As a result of the Bomb Cyclone seen in North America, the UK will experience rain, and strong winds for seven to ten days. While the latter may experience some travel disruptions and minor flooding, the impact of the cyclone will be far less than what the US is experiencing- from power outages to fatalities.

Why will the Bomb Cyclone impact the UK?

The reason why the UK could feel the effects is because of the cyclone’s impact on the North Atlantic jet stream, which are narrow bands of strong winds that lie about five to seven miles above the surface of the Earth and blow from west to east directions. "What effect (theBomb Cyclone) has had is to strengthen the jet stream because the jet stream is basically driven by temperature differences," Met Office meteorologist Simon Partridge said.

"So the starker the difference in temperature between the northern edge of it and southern edge, the stronger the jet stream becomes,” he added. According to Partridge, Thursday will be a "cooler feeling day still rather windy and with showers,” all across the United Kingdom.

From Friday to Sunday, weather experts predicted snow over the Highlands and rainfall in southern England. "So the general sort of knock-on effect of the weather in the US is that in general the UK is going to be a little bit milder than it would normally be at this time of year," the meteorologist noted.

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