UK Brand Trolled For Selling Kurtas As 'vintage Boho Dresses'

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A British brand has received massive backlash for selling the south Asian kurtas as 'vintage Boho dresses'. Twitter users posted their reactions on this.

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Brand Trolled online For describing Kurtas As

A British brand has received a lot of backlash for selling the south Asian kurtas as 'vintage Boho dresses'. The brand displayed images of their vintage boho dresses on white models on their website. The users on social media realised that the dresses are actually nothing but the Kurtas of Salwar Kameez worn in South Asian countries. They had slits on the sides just like a kurta and had traditional embroidery on them. The name of the website of the brand is '' and it was founded as a university sidelines business in 2015. 

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'vintage boho dress?', ask netizens

After a Twitter user shared a screenshot of the dress with the caption "vintage boho dress????? girl u got on a damn kameez with no salwar......", many other users commented. The tweet went viral soon after it was posted as it received over 15000 likes, 7000 retweets and more than 257 comments on it. One user commented, "wait this is genius I’m gonna start selling my used kameezes as $200 vintage boho dresses". While another user wrote, "Really concerned what happened to the salwars or pyajamis of these kurtas. Or are they sold separately as vintage boho chic colourful indie oriental exotic pants?". "There's a well established term for this, it's called cultural appropriation," wrote one person in response to the tweet. "The red one is cut from the sides. It's a kurta!," said one more user. Many users trolled the UK brand by posting hilarious GIFs in the comment section and in the retweets.

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The brand apologizes

The brand was selling the outfits for 20-36 pounds. After getting trolled for their display of kurtas as vintage boho dresses, the company tweeted to the Twitter user accepting their mistake and issuing an apology with also informing that they have taken down the products from their display. The company tweeted, "Hi @dxya_d - Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have taken these items off of our website. We bought these from our suppliers as 'vintage boho dresses' and sold them in the belief that they were. We apologise for any offence that has been caused". 

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