UK Farm Catches Fire After Pig Excretes Pedometer, Firefighters Manage To Save The Bacon

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UK farm set ablaze after four pigpens in North Yorkshire catch fire, thanks to an inmate pig's poop containing a mangled pedometer that it had hungrily consumed

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UK farm in flames, pig starts huge fire after pooping out pedometer

In a bizarre incident, a fire broke out in a farm in UK after a pig swallowed a pedometer and pooped it out. The fire spread over a farm covering 75 square metres at four pigpens in Bramham, near Leeds on the afternoon of March 7. The pedometer was used to prove the animal was free-range. The fire was big enough for fire crews from the North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service to be called in, in order to extinguish it.

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The unfortunate event took place when one of the pedometers which was being carried around by one of the pigs, was unknowingly consumed by another innocent, hungry pig. On excreting, the pig's excreta containing the damaged copper from the batteries of the pedometer reacted with the contents in the pigpen and that was it - a combustion in the farm.

The North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service joked that they had visited the farm to save the bacon from getting burnt as they were able to handle the situation by preventing any animal or people from getting hurt in the fire. 

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Social Media cackles

The incident was so peculiar that it took social media by storm and people took to Twitter to react to the odd yet hilarious episode.

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