UK PM Boris Johnson Thinks The Brexit Deal Is In 'Rough Shape'

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On September 13, while preparing to meet the European Commission, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson said that there was a “rough shape" of the Brexit deal.

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UK PM Boris Johnson thinks the Brexit Deal is in

While preparing to meet the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, the Prime Minister of UK, Boris Johnson said that there was a “rough shape” of the deal that has to be done. This was in development to the renewed push to reach an agreement over Brexit. Earlier, the Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar had said that the gap between the EU and Britain is “very wide” and expressed his doubts regarding the adjustments and compromises that the UK PM has to make in order to reach an agreement. A deal that will be backed by the UK lawmakers and decide the fate of Britain. 

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UK PM to meet European Commission

Boris Johnson and Jean-Claude Junker are set to meet in Luxembourg on September 16. This will be the first time both personalities will meet face-to-face since Prime Minster took on the office in July. Brexit will be the main agenda of discussion. Johnson is adamant to make Brexit in action on October 31. The European Union spokeswoman still believes its best to stop any speculation of the outcome from the “working lunch”. PM Johnson hopes to renegotiate the deal that has already been delivered by former Prime Minister of UK, Theresa May.

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Johnson's stand on Brexit

Boris Johnson had claimed to shut down the government this week, for a fresh start in the next session of Parliament. The five-week suspension gives him a way-out from the lawmakers in the opposition for the exit of Britain from the European Union on October 31. The Prime Minister has also denied that he was being “anti-democratic”. The Labour Party Brexit spokesperson, Keir Starmer believes that the Prime Minister should do the right thing and reopen the Parliament. They should return to their jobs and then decide on further plans. Later the UK PM was also heckled in Rotherham on Friday for suspending the parliament. Allegedly, the heckler shouted that why was the Prime Minister not in the Parliament to sort out the “mess” he has created. PM Johnson replied that he would be very happy to go back to Parliament soon. The UK PM also announced his plans to devolve transport powers and said that it is his intention to give railways of the North back to the people of the North.

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