UK: Security Staffs Called 'disgusting' Over Ill-treatment Of Homeless Man

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Security officials in the UK are being labelled 'disgusting' by social media after footage has emerged of manhandling and roughly restraining a homeless man.

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Security staffs from a shopping centre are being labelled as 'disgusting' by social media after footage has emerged of manhandling and roughly restraining a homeless man near the shopping centre. The video shows at least three security officials pinning one homeless man while he screams that the security officials broke his arm.

'Disgusting' behaviour by security officials

In the video, it can be seen that the homeless man is brought to the floor and then one of the security officials involved deliberately tries to block the camera so as to obstruct the view of what was happening. The footage was taken on December 13 by Chelsey Charlotte who was initially shocked by the incident and then took out her phone to start recording.

According to Chelsey, the homeless man was only asking to be allowed to warm himself up before continuing on his way. The incident was later uploaded by the 23-year old on her social media. In her post-Chelsey wrote the homeless man was just trying to keep warm under the bus shelters and that the security officials were dragging him around because he did not move. She added that not enough respect is paid to homeless people and that she and her friends put 5 pounds in his bag so that he might get something to eat.

After the subsequent backlash, a spokesperson for intu Lakeside confirmed that their staff had been in an altercation on December 13 and admitted that their security team did not follow the correct security procedures.

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Homeless in the UK

The homeless in England number roughly around 3,20,000 according to latest reports, if that statistic is accurate then that means that one in every 201 Britishers is homeless. As of March 2019, there are a record of more than 84,000 households that are stuck in temporary accommodations, this figure is a 75 per cent jump from 2010. In addition to that, there is also the existence of the hidden homeless that are unknown to authorities because they are sofa surfing, staying with relatives or sleeping in their cars.

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