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UK Will Immunize Adults First Before Sharing COVID Vaccines With Other Countries

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesperson said that the govt. will not be sharing COVID vaccines with other countries until adults receive the first jab.


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesperson on Monday, March 29 said that the government will not be sharing  COVID-19 vaccines with other countries until its adult population has been offered the jab. He further reaffirmed that the government's plan is to ensure that all the people over 50 years in the UK are offered their first dose by April 15. Also, all adults above 18, which account for 52.7 million of the country's 66.7 million population should be offered the first dose by the end of July.

He said, “Our first priority is to protect the British public. The vaccine rollout is continuing to that end. We don't currently have a surplus of vaccines but we will consider how they are best allocated as they become available”. 

This comes after Johnson announced a  roadmap to lift the restrictions imposed in England to stem the spread of the more virulent mutant wave from B.1.1.7 SARS-CoV-2 strain lineage. In an update on Twitter, the British leader warned that even as the restrictions were being “cautiously eased” it was important for the citizens not to “overdo it and risk all the progress we’ve made”. Effective March 29, the UK's PM announced that the Brits will now be able to meet with the family members in a group of 6 and a maximum of two families could mix. 

Restrictions lightened 

“If you cannot work from home you should continue to travel to your workplace,” he said in a Downing Street release, adding that this rule was eased for workers of critical national infrastructure, essential public services, and retail businesses. “You can gather in larger groups or meet indoors where it is necessary for your work, but this does not include social gatherings,” the statement issued by the UK PM read. Johnson, although warned, “If you are clinically extremely vulnerable or live with someone who is clinically extremely vulnerable, you must restrict non-essential movement because of the risk of exposure.” Meanwhile, the UK reopened schools, colleges, and other further education settings for face-to-face teaching.

Funerals and weddings still have 'limitations'

“You can exercise outdoors in a group of 6 or a larger group of any size from up to 2 households,” Boris Johnson stated, adding that the formally organized outdoor sports or licensed physical activity with any number of people will also be allowed effective March 29. However, there were limitations on funeral gatherings and the ceremony was mandated to be organized in a covid secure venue with only a maximum of 30 people. Weddings and civil partnership ceremonies must only take place with up to 6 people, Johnson announced. 

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