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UK Woman Finds Century-old Dairy Milk Bar Wrapper Under Her Bathroom Floor; Cadbury Reacts

A UK woman found a 100-year-old Diary Milk bar wrapper kept under bathroom floorboards of her house. The box has 'Dairy Milk Chocolate Neapolitan' written on it

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A woman in the UK found a 100-year-old Diary Milk bar cover kept below the bathroom floorboards of her house. According to a report published by Metro, 51-year-old Emma Young was surprised to discover a cardboard box with Cadbury's popular purple wrapping while removing the flooring in her bathroom. The 16-inch-long wrapper has "Cadbury' Dairy Milk Chocolate Neapolitan" written in gold letters and is believed to have been manufactured a century ago in the garden village of Bounville, England.

However, only the wrapper of the Dairy Milk was found; there was no chocolate inside it. The woman approached the chocolate company after finding the wrapper, and the company responded, saying that the candy was made between 1930 and 1934, as the outlet reported.

UK woman finds a 100-year-old Dairy Milk bar under her floorboards

The woman described that the wrapper was in "pristine" condition, stating that it could be used again or put back on the shelf to maintain decoration. Also, she revealed that the box carried a "six pennies" price tag. "What stunned me a lot was its condition. It's in such good shape, and one side is pristine—you wouldn't believe that it was nearly 100 years old. I think because it's so old, I was expecting it to be almost illegible, but apart from one side that had been chewed by mice, the other side looks like something you'd put on a shelf," Young told The Metro.

She said the chocolate box has sentimental value, and the discovery of the wrapper felt special to her. However, the woman is now planning to put the box inside a frame only to use it as a decoration inside her house with the date of the find. "I think it might have to be framed and go on the bathroom wall with the date of the find because that’s where it belongs, so we’ll put it back where we found it but in full view this time," she told the outlet.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Cadbury said, "We were delighted to see the joy that this piece of Cadbury history has brought! As the nation’s favourite chocolate brand, Cadbury has a rich heritage and has been part of British culture and heritage for almost 200 years," as per the UK-based outlet.

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