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UK Woman Spends Rs 7.5 Lakh On Unusual Addiction Of Eating Talcum Powder

Lisa Anderson, 44 from Paignton, Devon started eating talcum powder 15 years ago when she felt an urge to do so while giving a bath to her fifth child in 2004.

UK woman

A woman named Lisa Anderson is suffering from a condition that is very shocking to believe and cannot be explained easily. The 44-year-old woman from Paignton, Devon is addicted to eating talcum powder and can eat an entire 200g bottle in a day. Lisa Anderson started eating talcum powder 15 years ago when she felt an urge to do so while giving a bath to her child in 2004. Lisa has admitted to eating talcum powder every 30 minutes and even getting up multiple times at night to eat it.

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Unusual eating habits

Lisa kept her unusual eating habits hidden from her ex-partner for over a decade who questioned her why she kept going to the washroom every thirty minutes. Lisa has now decided to take professional help as she has realised that her eating habit is not normal. Lisa rushed to the washroom to gulp the powder at least 40 times a day and also replaced two regular meals for talcum powder. Lisa eats only one meal a day and rest she covers with a 200g tub of talcum powder. 

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Lisa has claimed to have spent around £8,000 (Rs 7.5 lakh) on talcum powder since she picked up the habit in 2004. Lisa spends around £10 a week on her favorite Johnson's Baby powder and the longest she had gone without eating the powder is two days. The mother-of-five scoffs talcum powder off the back of her hand every thirty minutes. According to media reports, Lisa likes the soapy taste of the powder and was drawn to its smell when she first thought of scoffing the powder.    

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According to her doctors, Lisa is suffering from PICA syndrome, an eating disorder where people eat non-food items. Lisa's condition is yet to be fully diagnosed but doctors say that her craving could be due to iron deficiency, OCA and PICA disorder. Lisa says that she only eats Johnson's baby powder and drink water to cleanse her tastebuds. Lisa doesn't carry powder when she is out, instead, she eats strong mints to fulfill her chalky texture craving. 

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