UK: Historic Lincolnshire Windmill Damaged By Storm Ciara In 90mph Wind

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UK: Storm Ciara with gusts of winds at 90mph destroyed the historical windmill that stood nearly 180 years in the Lincolnshire town of Burgh Le Marsh.

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Storm Ciara has wreaked havoc in the UK and gusts of winds at 90mph have reportedly destroyed a historical windmill that stood nearly 180 years in the Lincolnshire town of Burgh Le Marsh. The mill spun out of control as it was hit by the storm and lost its cap, crashing its sails into nearby homes and road, suggest reports.

The windmill reportedly dated back to 1844 and was completely ripped off in the storm Sunday morning, leading to the closure of the high street through safety fears. Mick Smith, a local resident told local media that the police were busy evacuating the people off the street as the windmill sails battered out of control into a spin. He said that some of the lats spiralled into the air and landed on the road.

He further added that the accident could have led to casualties. However, the police managed to get the situation under control. According to the reports, a building structure was crushed by the storm Ciara at half-past eleven due to powerful winds of up to 70mph.

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Heritage windmill destruction upsets residents

Reports say the locals were disheartened at the destruction of the heritage windmill revealing it had recently been restored and held historical significance for the town residents. Joey Brazier, another resident of Lincolnshire told local media that the accident was horrendous.

He said that he was walking a dog when the windmill went with a bang and it had not been long that it was repaired. He further added that it was such a shame to have such an old and significant mill had become a victim to the storm.

Emergency services in the area were on alert as the power line from the mill hurled across the air in a house posing a grave threat to the safety of the residents. Alex Roddie, a photographer informed the reporters that the mill had shattered. He said that the cap and sails have been destroyed, and the Burgh Heritage Centre has also suffered roof damage. This was a major blow to the town, he added.

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