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WATCH: Awww-alert! Royal Baby Heads Home With His Mom And Dad After Being Visited By His Brother And Sister

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • The new Royal Princeling has left the St Mary's Hospital where he was born on Monday
  • He posed for the shutterbugs along with his royal parents, looking completely unruffled at being the centre of attention (he was asleep)
  • His brother and sister also visited him at the hospital

The latest member of the British Royal Family and now-5th in line for the throne has made his way out of the St Mary's Hospital where he was born and is all set to walk (be gently carried in a basket) to his palace home!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge presented the little prince to the world on Monday, posing for pictures outside the hospital's Lindo Wing. Kate Middleton looked resplendent in a Vermillion while Prince William had his proud dad grin on! Their baby, meanwhile, looked very small and pink, and had his eyes closed the whole time, clearly unruffled by the momentous occasion of his own birth. 

After getting their photos taken, the royal family stepped inside for a short while before emerging once again, this time with the newborn in a basket. Prince William placed him gently in the back seat of their Range Rover before they departed. 

A short while earlier, the new prince's elder brother and sister had been to visit him for the first time. Prince George and Princess Charlotte were taken to the hospital by their father.


Certain formalities were also observed to mark the occasion:

And the Queen as well as the rest of the royal family had been informed and were said to be delighted with their new great-grandson and so on. 

Here are the vital statistics of the royal baby:

This is a big month for the Royal Family, what with the Queen's 92nd birthday on April 21, the birth of the new and as-yet-unnamed prince, and the big royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on May 19!