78-year-old, Samuel Little Confessed To Over 90 Murders

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Samuel Little, a 78-year-old, confessed to over 90 murders stretching to a period of 50 years. 

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Samuel Little, a 78-year-old, confessed to over 90 murders stretching to a period of 50 years. 

Investigated as one of the most horrific serial killers in the history of United States, Little confessed on predating mostly prostitutes and drug addicts. The serial killer went coast to coast, as reported by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

6 feet 3 inches tall, Little, the former boxer was arrested on drug charges from a shelter for homeless in Kentucky back in 2012. But later in 2014, Little was convicted of three murder cases in Los Angeles between 1987-89.

The murdered were first beaten up and then strangled.

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The serial killer was then transferred to Texas and was sentenced to life imprisonment. 

In Texas, a Ranger named James Holland gained his trust and that's when Little began gradually confessing to murders from 1970 and 2005, media reports suggest. 

Reports of FBI crime analyst Christina Palazzolo said that the serial killed traveled from one state to another to kill people, and eventually told the ranger in detail about the number of people he killed in each place. 

Out of the 90 murders, the state has managed to verify 34 of them. 

According to FBI, although Little has difficulty in remembering the dates of the killing, but has a detailed memory of his victims and the way they were killed. 

As he preyed on prostitutes and drug addicts, their murders were hardly ever investigated and in some cases, unidentified. 

Authorities suggest Little has expressed no remorse while discussing the killings. And provided the details of the murder, including where he left a woman's body ages ago. 

His criminal records go back in 1956 for shoplifting, drugs, breaking in, rape, kidnapping, and fraud. Back then he lived a nomadic life and stole for alcohol and drugs. 

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Although some authorities believe his murder had sexual motives, they also revealed that the serial killer took offense at being called a rapist. He said that his erectile dysfunction makes that impossible, however, investigations suggest that he has raped some of his victims. 



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