After 'Storm Area 51', US Citizens Call For 'Storm The Bermuda Triangle, It Can’t Swallow All Of Us'

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Of late, humans have been having bizzare ideas. After the 'Storm Area 51' , a new event is in the making. People are now planning to storm the Bermuda Triangle. 

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Of late, humans have been having 'out of this world' ideas. After the 'Storm Area 51' trend, a new event is in the making. People are now planning to storm the Bermuda Triangle. 

Inspired by the ongoing call for storming the US government's highly classified territory at Nevada, people have now vowed to venture to the mysterious area in the Atlantic Ocean, as per international reports. In a latest Facebook event that was created, the organizer has assured that boats will be provided to take the event attendees into the 270,000-square-mile area which is famous for the unexplained and mysterious disappearances of ships and planes. 

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The 'Storm The Bermuda Triangle, It Can’t Swallow All Of Us' organizer also urged people to dress up as pirates and Spongebob characters:

“Attendees must dress as Spongebob characters or pirates,” said the organizer.

Organizers have also promised enough boats and scuba gear to unveil the mystery behind the disappearing ships and aircrafts saying:

“I’ll provide the boats and scuba gear.”

He further went on to ask people to get their own alcohol and drugs. In addition, the event took a new turn when a fundraising page was created in an attempt to raise $75,000 for an event which will have live music and entertainment. The organizer has insisted that its not a scam. 

“I’m legit trying to throw a party for everyone so they’ll come to my thing,”. This is the time for assembly to show this country we can organize. Let’s go have a good time. Let’s still clap these sea monster cheeks. Ok. Let’s all just have fun.” he added on Facebook.

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Some Twitter-folk seem to agree with the idea:

So far more than 40,000 people have signed up for the event which is scheduled for October 1. There are several pages on Facebook calling for people to target government establishments like the White House and the Federal Reserve. One of the strangest events has called for people to 'liberate Donald Trump's toupee' 

What is the whole deal about 'Storm Area 51'? 

More than 2.5 million so-called 'alien hunters' have signed up to storm the highly classified Area 51 which is supposed to happen on September 20. The event is titled as 'Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us”. Following the event, the United States Air Force issued a warning to people who planned to show up at the top-secret military base. 

Meanwhile, the Bermuda Triangle invaders will most likely not encounter any sort of resistance. Even so, the mystery still remains unsolved. One of the major disappearance incidents that occurred was the 'Flight 19', a group of five US Navy torpedo bombers that went missing during a training exercise in 1945. 

Till date, there has been no word about the missing aircraft, with claims that a search plane went missing as well. Countless theories have been given out relating to the disappearances. 

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