American Bride Asks For Entrance Fee From Wedding Guests, Gets Trolled

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American Bride explained that the entrance fee was charged in order to make it on the exclusive visitor list and avoid the long queue at the wedding ceremony.

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An American bride recently asked the wedding guests to pay for the entry charges to make it to her wedding. She explained that the funds were charged in order to make it on the exclusive visitor list “and avoid the long queue.

A woman, 19-year-old student, presumably the relative to the bride posted a thread on reddit narrating the ordeal. She stated that her cousin, 26-year-old bride-to-be, made an unusual announcement saying that she’ll be charging 50 dollars for the invitees for her wedding ceremony. The woman further wrote that the bride suggested the option to “venmo” her the money in advance, and whoever paid first would not have to wait in line like the rest of the people on the guestlist.

The woman revealed about the confrontation with her cousin on the matter to which the bride replied that she was bent on recovering the expenses. This outraged the 19-year-old who refused to pay for the entry, however her parents paid for it.

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Bizarre request shocked people

The bizarre request caught the reddit community shocked who jumped on the thread to mock and ridicule the bride. “Wow is she going to ask them to pitch in with the dishes too?’, wrote a user. “That sounds like a “somebody can’t budget” problem. Or “somebody has more expensive taste than actual money” problem”, wrote another, suggesting that the bride must restrict the ceremony expenses to the actual budget. “It would be truly wonderful if NO ONE showed up”, said a user annoyed. “I’m betting a vendor is insisting on being paid before the wedding day and entitled bride doesn’t have the money. Did she blow her budget and now she expects her wedding guests to bail her out? I guess mommy and daddy forgot to teach her how to manage her finances”, read one comment.

The online world was certainly not in agreement with paying a cover charge, not for a wedding they insisted.

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