Apple CEO Tim Cook Opens Up About Banning Alex Jones

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Apple Inc had recently banned Alex Jones' Infowars app and removed his podcats from the directories. Following this, numerous other web platforms also banned Alex Jones. Cook opened up about the decision saying that Apple is dedicated to provide only curated information on their platform.

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Apple Inc had recently banned Alex Jones' Infowars app. the company had removed most of the podcasts from its directories which belonged to Alex Jones. The decision set a chain reaction of instances that stopped when the theorist being banned from every major web platform, partially or completely, including Facebook and Twitter.

According to recent reports, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Inc, revealed that banning Jones was a subject of content curation. It was not an immediate decision but a cumulative observation. It was a way of reassuring the users that people in the company were attentive towards what was the final output in the content ecosystem of Apple. Dismissing any kinds of political pressures, Cook denied having contacted or coordinating with other companies that had consequently put a stop on Jones' app.

Apple gives utmost importance to the user and Cook, speaking on similar lines, said that Apple had always provided their users with a curated platform. The users expect the company to review the applications and softwares being run on Apple. Cook said that users should be satisfied knowing that there is a human selecting the stories that are being run on Apple News and they are not just organized by a machine.

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Apple is not known to take any political stands and the same is extended on to the stuff being shown on the App store - which displays every type of content, from extremely liberal to extremely conservative. Cook assured that this is the way it always was and this is the way it always will be. Apple also has a browser called Safari. As Tim said that anything that is not on the app store can be surfed on the browser.

Cook also criticized other companies which collect unnecessary user data under various misleading promotions of intending to make the service better.

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Apple Inc, co-founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, is known to sell simple, sophisticated products including the iPhone, iWatch and Macbook among others. Tim Cook became the CEO of the company in 2011 following Jobs' resignation due to his illness.

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