Author's Angry Tweet About Parking Ticket, Causes Online Stir

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A well-known author Dana Schwartz who has several books to her name tweeted her frustration about a parking ticket in West Hollywood.

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Dana Schwartz

Author Dana Schwartz's tweet where she is seen venting out her frustration has gone viral on the internet. A well-known author Dana Schwartz who has several books to her name tweeted her frustration about a parking ticket in West Hollywood. Her tweet was simply venting out her frustration but soon became a viral sensation online.

Parking ticket problem in West Hollywood

Dana Schwartz’s tweet about the parking ticket problem in West Hollywood struck a chord amongst people online as they felt the seriousness. Schwartz was then interviewed by the international media, she in her interview talked about a parking ticket she received on Tuesday evening when her car was parked in the 600 blocks of N.Almont Drive. 

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Author's tweet 

She in her interview said that she remembers parking her car right in front of the parking sign. The picture of her car just before the parking sign was posted by her displaying the distance between her car’s bumper and the marked line. The reported however asked the author if she was simply venting out her anger. Dana felt that she only tweeted to vent out and never expected the issue to gain so much attention on social media. The author thought that it is time to move on with her life and people online should do so to. 

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Mayor addressed the problem

After her tweet, her concerns were addressed by West Hollywood Mayor John D’Amico. He asked the author to send him notes and he can further inquire from the parking officials to consider the matter. The Mayor said to the international media that this is the part of social media that excites him, everything is transparent with little filter. Schwartz was charged $53 for the parking which was later dismissed by the parking authorities.

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Power of '280 characters'

It gave Schwartz a chance to meet the Mayor for the first time. After the meeting, the three-times published author expressed that as humans we might make a few mistakes but we also intend to do a lot of good stuff. And the author herself was stunned at the power of 280 characters which made her famous despite her publications. Even though it was disheartening for the author as a parking ticket is a real concern in West Hollywood and people are wrongly charged.  This makes the problem super relatable to a common man. Be it parking or parking ticket, people always face some problem or the other. 

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