Bay Area Police Department Shares Hilarious Post On Power Shutdown

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A bay area police department shared a list of steps which the internet users found hilarious but some of them accused the department of lack of sensitivity.

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After Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) decided a power shutdown in various parts of California, the Pleasanton police department shared a list to get through the situation. The decision of power outage was taken on the basis of forecasts of dry, windy weather which could have led to a potential fire risk. The police department shared a list of steps which the internet users found hilarious but some of them accused the department of lack of sensitivity in such situation. The department asked people impacted by the power outage to plug in the phone to charge and tell themselves, “duh the power is out”.

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Steps with some wit

“If you come home and everything is dark and nothing works, then yes, you are experiencing a power shutdown. Remain calm. Use your cell phone light to search frantically for the one flashlight you think you have in the house. It will be dead of course. Search for batteries. You will need four but only find three,” the department wrote.

The Pleasanton police department also requested not to call 911 to ask for updates on power outage. “Our dispatchers are very good but they cannot see into the future. They will tell you they do not know and then disconnect so they can answer the other hundred calls from people asking about the power being out,” it read.

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Also gave serious advice

On a serious note, the department also advised residents to keep medicines refrigerated or power-dependent medical devices working. “DO NOT use generators, camp stoves, or charcoal grills indoors. Carbon monoxide fumes can be deadly. Moreover, never use a gas stove or oven to heat your home,” the department said and ended with a witty remark, “Do what your mom used to tell you to do: Put on a sweater.” They also suggested checking on the neighbours, “Even the one whose dog barks all night. And the other one who always parks in front of your house.”

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Some found it unprofessional

While most of the netizens were impressed with the sense of humour of the police department, some did not appreciate what they referred to as unprofessional and insensitive:

“Snarky snarky. tons of this map is not PG&E. Good way to cause more animosity.” “I would find this funny as a personal facebook post. On an official Pleasanton Police site, it’s rather unprofessional,” commented another user.

According to the latest updates shared by PG&E, power restoration has started in many areas.

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