Billboard Showing Violence Against Donald Trump, His Son Responds

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Donald Trump Jr slams media for not drawing attention to the billboard put up at Times Square showing violence against look-alike of President Donald Trump

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An American clothing company put up a billboard at Times Square which showed a look-alike of President of United States Donald Trump being hog-tied by a woman which was called out by his son, Donald Trump Jr. criticising the media for not drawing any attention to the incident. He also referred the media as “hypocrite” for instead covering an outrage on a “stupid” meme which according to him was only seen by eight people on October 18. 

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The advertising campaign

According to the reports, the billboard was set up by a Portland-based clothing company, 'Dhvani' as a part of its advertising campaign. The company makes activewear such as yoga pants which put up the advertisement showing violence against a lookalike of President Trump. However, since the controversial campaign made it on the internet, some of the Twitter users were seen standing in support of the US President and condemning the sportswear company, which says 'Stand For Something'. Others also said that post the installation of this billboard, it has lost “millions of customers”. 

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The US Prez lashes out on Media

President Trump believes that there are fine people in the media industry. However, he said to a “great extent” it is corrupt and it is also fake. The US leader called himself a “very stable genius” who notes what he says in a conversation. While referring to an international media house, Donald Trump also says that the country would be “far greater” when they do not have people who are corrupt people. When asked about the released report that stated that the staff member of Adam Schiff, the House Intel Chairman met with the whistleblower, Trump was seen happy about the question and also expressed that he is surprised that the media posted it. He further says, “maybe they are getting better” and also that "Schiff is a fraud."

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