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California Imposes Stay-at-home Order Until Dec 21 Amid Surge In COVID-19 Cases

California on November 19 imposed a stay-at-home order as coronavirus cases surge in the US state. The restrictions will remain the same till December 21.


California on November 19 imposed a stay-at-home order as coronavirus cases surged in the US state. Issued by the California Department of Public Health, the order forbids nonessential activity outdoors from 10 pm to 5 am in counties which come under the strictest tier of the state's reopening roadmap. As of now, the restrictions will remain the same till December 21. However, this can be extended. 

California tightens restrictions

According to a tally by the Johns Hopkins University, California has a total of 1,059,267 confirmed cases with 18,466 fatalities. Since last Thursday, the US state has reported more than 10,000 cases for the fourth time. California Governor Gavin Newsom in a statement said, “The virus is spreading at a pace we haven't seen since the start of this pandemic and the next several days and weeks will be critical to stop the surge. We are sounding the alarm”. He added, “It is crucial that we act to decrease transmission and slow hospitalizations before the death count surges. We've done it before and we must do it again”. 

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Recently, the governor moved many of the counties to a more restrictive tier in its COVID-19 reopening system. During a Monday briefing, Newsom was quoted as saying, “Every age group, every demographic, racial, ethnic, in every part of this state we are seeing case rates increase and positivity rates increase as well. No longer concentrated in just a handful of counties”. California became the second state, after Texas, to surpass the 1 million benchmark. 

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During the briefing, Newsom apologised for what he termed as “a bad mistake” in attending a birthday party that broke many social distancing measures which were helpful in battling the virus. He suffered a lot of backlash for his actions. As per the reports by AP, he said, “I made a bad mistake. I should have stood up and ... drove back to my house”. He added, “The spirit of what I’m preaching all the time was contradicted. I need to preach and practice, not just preach”.

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