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'Chef Of The Century' Joel Robuchon Passes Away At The Age Of 73

Written By Radhika Sarkar | Mumbai | Published:


  • One of the best chefs of the country, Joel Robuchon lost his life to cancer at the age of 73.
  • He was a proud holder of 32 Michelin stars, and was known for his truffles and caviar's.

In a sad event, the 'Chef of the Century' Joel Robuchon passed away at the age of 73. He was one of the star chefs of the country and held a record for the most-earned Michelin stars in the world. He is a proud holder of 32 of them. His journey started at the age of 15 when he was studying at a seminary and was training to become a priest. But as per reports, all the cooking with the nuns made him think that maybe his calling was different and so he decided to chase his dream for cooking and serving people some of the most delicious and scrumptious meals they would have ever had. Known as the 'MasterChef' he always had one agenda, and that was to flaunt the flavors of the different types of food and not mask them behind various elements. Like stated before, he started his journey at the mere age of 15 and by 29 he was in charge of around 90 cooks and was working at one of the largest hotels in Paris. Many chefs around the world who have known him have stated that he was like 'Pablo Picasso' - the painter who was known for his revolutionary artwork. 

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Just like Picasso, he was said to be the master in the kitchen. Always experimenting and trying out different types of food so that he could serve his customers better. He started with bringing out 'Ateliers' which is also known as a French workshop, where people who be in a comfortable and cozy setting, that would help them have a good time and interact with each other. More than anything, it was rather informal and no reservations were required in order to have a good meal from the kitchen. His main motive is for the customers to interact with the chef so that it enhances the experience. Just in a few years, he had these 'Ateliers' set up all over the world especially Paris, Tokyo, New York City and Las Vegas. The veteran chef was known for his truffles and his caviar's. Reports, also suggest that he was known for his mashed potatoes. His demise has come as a great shock to the cooking world and was confirmed by the French TV station BFM, and newspaper Le Figaro. The 'MasterChef' was suffering from cancer and after a long battle, he finally lost his life at the age of 73.