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COVID-19: FDA Approves Pfizer Booster Shots For Aged & Others; Know More About Eligibility

FDA has allowed Pfizer booster vaccines for people above 65 followed by young people with underlying health conditions and CDC has made certain recommendations


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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authorised Pfizer vaccine's booster shots for Americans above the age of 65 along with some younger adults who have underlying health conditions and the people involved in regular jobs. The people falling under these categories are at a higher risk of getting infected with the COVID-19. Earlier in the month of August, the FDA amended an emergency use authorisation for Pfizer and Moderna vaccines for immunocompromised people. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also in its recent meeting made certain recommendations regarding people who can get booster shots and their eligibility.

According to AP, scientists are concerned with the US government's plan regarding the need of providing vaccine boosters all adults. This came after a government advisory panel on September 17, Friday rejected the plan of providing the third jab of Pfizer vaccine to people. This decision came as a huge blow to the Biden administration's decision of vaccinating the population amid surge of the Delta variant. 

CDC booster vaccine eligibility

While FDA has allowed booster shots for anyone above the age of 65 followed by young people with underlying health conditions, CDC has made certain recommendations which include people eligible for the booster shot. According to it, people receiving cancer treatment, an organ transplant, stem cell transplant, suffering from moderate or severe primary immunodeficiency, having HIV infection, and undergoing active treatment with high dose drugs fall under the booster vaccine's eligibility criteria.

In a release issued by the FDA, people associated with healthcare, grocery workers, the homeless, shelters, and teachers will receive the vaccine. It further said that the vaccinated Americans will receive their third dose after 6 months of their second dose.

The decision of the CDC regarding the third shot is yet to be taken as the experts are still speculating about the rationale for boosters. About 22 million Americans will be eligible for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID booster jab, according to a bulletin released by the CDC. More than half of them are above 65 years of age. However, those having health issues and administered with Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines can get the third dose while others will have to wait since the FDA is yet to release a decision on their booster shots.

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