Democrats Accuse White House Of Hiding Call Records At Trump's Impeachment Trial In Senate

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Democratic House Prosecutors launched their final arguments on Friday at US President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial accusing him of deleting call records

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Democratic House Prosecutors launched their final arguments on Friday at US President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. Trump is being tried in the Senate after the House of Representatives impeached him last month, accusing him of abusing his office by asking Ukraine for politically motivated probes on Biden and other matters while withholding military aid from a US ally that was at war with bordering Russia.

'Trump will abuse power till 2020 elections'

As the trial continued, the House Democrats warned that the president will persist in abusing his power and endangering American democracy unless Congress intervenes to remove him before the 2020 election. 

Further, the Democrats accused the White House of trying to hide the call records of the conversations Trump had with the Ukrainian President. Adding to their statement they said that White House also tried to stop the whistleblower who tried to reach out to the Congress.

Rep Hakeem Jeffries of New York said, “He tried to cheat, he got caught and then he worked hard to cover it up.” Rep Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, implored Senators as he concluded his arguments to "give America a fair trial."

On the other hand, Republicans have continuously defended Trump stating that his actions were appropriate and casting the impeachment process as a politically motivated effort to weaken him in his re-election campaign. 

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Meanwhile, the floor of the US Senate now belongs to President Donald Trump's lawyers as they push the Republican-led chamber for an acquittal on the aforementioned charges on Saturday. The president's attorneys will begin their arguments in the impeachment trial and are expected to insist the president did nothing wrong when he asked Ukraine's leader to investigate his political rival, Joe Biden.

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The attorneys have foreshadowed an aggressive, wide-ranging defence that will assert an expansive view of presidential powers and paint Trump as besieged by political opponents determined to undo the results of the last election and ensure his defeat in the next one. They are also expected to try to put Biden on the defensive as he campaigns for a first-place finish in the Iowa caucuses next month.

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