Donald Trump Accelerates Negotiations To Reach Political Settlement In Afghanistan

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Donald Trump said that he has 'accelerated negotiations' in order to reach a political settlement with Afghanistan in his 3rd Union address on February 4.

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Donald Trump

United States President Donald Trump said that he has 'accelerated negotiations' in order to reach a political settlement with Afghanistan in his 3rd Union address on February 4. In his bid to renew his vow to reach an agreement with troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, Trump also said that has no desire to kill 'hundreds of thousands' in unending fighting. 

In the Union address which has also witnessed the deepening of the political rift between the Democrats and Republicans with Pelosi-Trump face-off, Trump applauded the US troops who have fought with 'unmatched valour'. He further thanked American soldiers for their bravery which has made the political solution possible for the 'long conflict' in the Middle East. 

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Trump said, “I have also accelerated our negotiations to reach — if possible — a political settlement in Afghanistan.”

US President also said that the troops have been fighting in the Middle East for nearly 19 years which has taken lives of at least 7,000 'American heroes'. He further said he 'loudly pledged a new approach' and adds that 'great nations do not fight endless wars'. 

US President said, “As a candidate for President, I loudly pledged a new approach.  Great nations do not fight endless wars,” which was followed by an applause.

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Afghanistan would be 'very happy'

While talking about negotiating a deal with Afghanistan, Trump also said that that the other side would be 'very happy' to reach an agreement. Including the Taliban, US President claims that his administration is working out deals with the Afghan government to reduce the presence of American soldiers and focus more on counter-terrorism. 

Trump said, “In Afghanistan, my administration is holding constructive talks with a number of Afghan groups, including the Taliban.  As we make progress in these negotiations, we will be able to reduce our troop’s presence and focus on counterterrorism.  And we will indeed focus on counterterrorism.”

According to Trump, 'it's time' that a peace deal is achieved, however, he still expressed his doubt whether an agreement would be negotiated or not. US President also claims that it was about time that America tries to maintain peace and also urged the 'other side' to do the same. 

US President said, “We do not know whether we will achieve an agreement, but we do know that, after two decades of war, the hour has come to at least try for peace.  And the other side would like to do the same thing.  It’s time.”

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