Donald Trump Snubs Nancy Pelosi's Handshake, Speaker Tears Up SOTU Speech Text

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In a sharp act of defiance, Nancy Pelosi tore up the text of Donald Trump's SOTU speech in two pieces after he finished his address in the US Congress

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The State of the Union address in the United States Congress couldn't have been more dramatic than what was witnessed by Americans on Wednesday. In an apparent snub to US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, President Donald Trump didn't shake hands with her when she extended her hand forward after receiving the text of his SOTU address from the President. In a sharp act of defiance and perhaps to return the favour, Pelosi tore up the text of his speech in two pieces after Trump finished his address.

Although, it is yet unclear whether President Trump intentionally ignored Speaker Pelosi or didn't notice her attempt to shake his hand before the State of the Union.

When asked by a reporter to comment on her action, Nancy Pelosi said, “It was the courteous thing to do considering the alternatives.” 

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SOTU amid chilly US politics

Donald Trump gave the customary SOTU address where he lauded the achievements of his administration while taunting resistance from the opposition Democratic Party. Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat from California, was chairing the joint session of the Congress beside Vice President Mike Pence. She has been leading the impeachment process against Trump and her Democratic-led House impeached the President on two charges last December.

Acrimonious relationship

Trump, a firebrand speaker, has repeatedly lashed out at 'nervous' Nancy for leading the impeachment inquiry and sustained opposition to his government's policies. Pelosi, on the other hand, led a successful vote on impeachment last year and has become a star symbol of defiance against the Republican President.

Nancy Pelosi takes another potshot at Donald Trump

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Republicans lash out

Lashing out at Nancy Pelosi, Texas Senator from Trump's Republican Party, Ted Cruz accused the Democrats of harbouring hatred toward Donald Trump. Speaking to a US TV news network, Cruz said, "The President gave the single best speech he ever gave. What we saw tonight is the manifestation of hatred. The only sentiment today's Democratic Party has is that they hate President Trump. We saw Speaker Pelosi rip off the text, it is just hatred."

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Some solid reactions on Twitter:

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