Donald Trump, The US President Fires The National Security Advisor

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The US President, Donald Trump tweeted on September 10 that he asked for a resignation from the National Security Advisor, John Bolton and his services will end

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Donald Trump

The US President, Donald Trump tweeted on September 10 that he asked resignation from the National Security Advisor, John Bolton and terminating his services in the White House. President Trump further added that he, along with many others in the administration have disagreed with his suggestions. In respect to the disagreement, the US leader himself asked John Bolton for his resignation which was given to him today morning. President Trump thanked John Bolton for all his services. Furthermore, a new National Security Advisor will be announced in the coming week. The White House in a statement said that Charlie Kupperman will be the acting National Security Adviser following the firing of John Bolton.

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John Bolton's statement

John Bolton presented a different spin to the entire incident by tweeting his side. Minutes later the President's tweets, now the former National Security Advisor, John Bolton said that he had presented his wish to resign on the night of September 9. However, President Trump had initially told Bolton that they will talk about it the next day. 

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Bolton in President Trump's administration 

John Bolton was always regarded unfit in the US President Trump's administration. He was the third national security advisor, who has presented disagreements with President's procedure of 'America-First'. Bolton also supported that hawkish foreign policy views, similar to ones of Reagan administration. In 2016, Bolton was also thinking about running for the President and stand against the current US President and his approach to isolate America. 

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