Donald Trump Will Attend The UN Summit With Several Open Deals

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United States President Donald Trump who has called himself a 'dealmaker' will attend the annual UNGA meeting with a long list of unresolved foreign policies

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United States President who has called himself a 'dealmaker' will attend the 74th United Nations General Assembly, annual meeting with a long list of unresolved foreign policies. There are many deals that President Trump has yet to close with Iran, North Korea, the Afghan Taliban, Israel, Palestinians, along with the several trade pacts. While some of the deals are moving forward, others have halted. According to Donald Trump, he is in “no rush” to close negotiations which take time. With the US Presidential elections of 2020 looming, President Trump will face difficulties in wrapping up his unfinished foreign business. 

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Donald Trump credited for his deals

Former Undersecretary of State, Nicholas Burns credits Donald Trump for holding China accountable for its trade practices and the ongoing talks with the Taliban in order to end the 18-year old war in Afghanistan. Burns who has also worked for Republican and Democratic presidents, further said that he does not blame the President for having several deals open. However, he also believes that people have to be “tough-minded” citizens and grade Trump.

Burns stressed on the fact that after more than two years in the office, President Trump has been unsuccessful in having a single foreign policy achievement. Moreover, the President's critics also think that this failure in closing deals will result in the US leader's weakened position at the United Nations. Other foreign policy experts also give credit to Donald Trump for initiating internationals negotiations while criticizing his negotiating style. 

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Trump's defence

While critics of President Trump have said that his manner of negotiation can make the global economies unstable, Trump has defended himself by saying that it is his way to negotiate. Donald Trump also says that his style has done “well for years” for himself and it will be even better for the United States.

The 'America First' approach has not been received well in the United Nations previously. However, President Trump now requires international support in order to pressurize Tehran to deal with the increasing tensions between US and Iran. Since the Iran nuclear deal was pulled by the US President and the imposition of sanctions have made Iran angry. They destroyed an American drone and have placed ships in the Persian Gulf. Iran has also been blamed for the recent attacks on Saudi Arabia oil centres. The Middle East program director at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Jon Alterman believes that President Trump has argued in the past that each country should act solely in its own interest, however, now in the UN, America “really needs allies” on Iran.

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