Elementary Teacher Offeres To Carry Wheelchair-bound Girl On His Back

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An elementary school teacher offered to carry a wheelchair-bound ten-year-old girl with Spina Bifida condition for her trip, the action has won the internet.

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A ten-year-old school girl with a Spina Bifida condition wanted to go for a field trip to the Falls of Ohio with her classmates, but her condition was hampering her plans. However, an elementary school teacher came forward to volunteer by carrying her on his back through the trip. This sweet gesture has captured thousands of hearts. Spina Bifida is a condition where spine and the spinal cord doesn't form properly, making it necessary for the person to use a wheelchair.

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Kentucky elementary teacher winning the internet with his actions

According to a news publication, Ryan King is a fourth-grader at Tully Elementary School in Kentucky. The Facebook post shared by her mother Shelly king read she was prepared for an "alternate field trip day", when Jim Freeman, the teacher at the school said he "would be happy to tote her around" on his back for the entire trip. The students were taken to view a fossil bed by the river. The elementary school teacher's kindness and thoughtfulness has melted the hearts of netizens, pouring in heartfelt comments.

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Speaking to a news publication, her mother, Shelly King said that they have had field trips before where the girl wasn't able to go and would always accompany her mother, adding the school gave alternate education days. This is the first time the girl had her trip without her. 

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A Move that moved hearts

Ms. King also shared pictures from the field trip on the Facebook page 'Team Ryan', where she thanked Mr. Freeman, who used a special backpack to carry her around all day. She further wrote that she was blessed to have an entire school that is compassionate and understanding of the condition, never making her daughter feel left out. Since then the post has gone viral with thousands of shares and comments. On the 'Team Ryan' page, she mentioned that the deeds of such people should be shared all over to gain inspiration. After the trip, Ryan King told a news outlet, that she was stunned to look at the fossils and had never seen anything like that before.

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