Fast Food Workers Writes 'ugly Sweater' On Customer's Takeaway Ticket

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A guy received blunt remark from food outlet after he bought 30 nuggets and fries. He received a takeaway ticket where it was written in bold, ‘ugly sweater'.

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Daniel, 22 who resides in Phoenix, Arizona recieved a blut remark from a food outlet on his takeaway ticket after he bought 30 nuggets and fries. One of the staff member wrote 'ugly sweater' on his takeaway ticket. He visited the Chic-Fil-A store, in Flagstaff, Arizona to buy 30 nuggets and some fries. After receiving his order, he was about to exist in the food outlet when a staff member handled him his takeaway ticket, which is usually used by the staff members to place the order of the customers. To his surprise, he saw, ‘ugly sweater’ as his description printed in capital letters on the ticket. 

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Daniel took the ticket and posted a picture on Twitter along with his picture showing the middle finger. The hilarious post gathered 1,48,000 likes and 16,000 retweets. Later Daniel said that even though he found the whole incident funny, he is not mad but definitely sad. He also said that he would compensate for the blunt remark with free chicken sandwiches next time he visits the store. Daniel is currently pursuing biology and is famously known as Zinfandel Zaddy, a famous musician. 


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Starbucks Writes 'Pig' On Coffee Cup

In a somwhat similar incident, on the morning of Thanksgiving Day, a police officer of Oklahoma decided to take the emergency dispatchers to his local Starbucks and ordered them drinks. The Police Chief of the Kiefer Oklahoma police department, Johnny O'Mara posted on Facebook that one of his officers was picking up an order and  the label on one of the cups of a Venti hot chocolate read "PIG." 
O'mara immediately contacted the Starbucks in Glenpool, Oklahoma to complain and in return, the store was asked to remove the label with a correct one. He was not satisfied with the service. He attached the mislabeled cup and posted it on social media platforms captioning it, "The proverb 'Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me' came to mind". He said that the derogatory remark is a broader contempt for law enforcement.

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