Flight Attendant Gets Fired For Accepting Boyfriend's Marriage Proposal Mid-Air

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A Flight attendant got sacked for accepting her boyfriend's proposal in mid-air. The airlines explained that their behaviour had caused a disturbance among the passengers, and they were extremely irresponsible for the safety of passengers.

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Getting engaged to the love of your life is meant to be a highlight in one's life. However, for one such woman, her accepting the proposal has left her unemployed. Although all of us love a cute proposal story, this one ends in sorrow. After receiving a romantic mid-air proposal from her boyfriend, the woman was fired. As per reports, her boyfriend had gone down on his knees in order to finally pop the question to her mid-flight, but months after accepting the proposal, the flight attendant was served with a termination notice.

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Reportedly, the incident took place in May 2018, and after 30 minutes of the flight taking off, the air hostesses' boyfriend went down on his knees and proposed. Various pictures and videos went viral on social media soon after the incident capturing the couple's romantic moment. In the video, the man can be seen getting up from his seat and then down on his knees to pop the question to his girlfriend, and after a few minutes, the overwhelmed woman accepts his proposal. The video was uploaded on the video streaming app, YouTube has been viewed more than 250,000 times. The incident took place on a flight from Xi An to Yinchuan.

Here's the video! 

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Although her happiness did not last for a long time, as the flight attendant was fired citing that she had neglected passenger safety during the process. Reportedly, the airlines explained that their behaviour had caused a disturbance and turmoil among the passengers, and they were extremely irresponsible towards the safety of the passengers onboard. The termination of the flight attendant has garnered some mixed reactions on social media. And, although many have called the termination as 'inhumane' and 'heartless', some of them have said that handling private affairs during professional hours was completely wrong. 

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