Happy 60th Birthday NASA!

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NASA completed 60 years of human space exploration, discovering the world beyond. Over time, NASA has redefined the scientific and technical limits by constantly pushing the frontiers and exploring the unknown.

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(Image Courtesy: NASA Official Twitter)

National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA, completed 60 years of human space exploration, discovering the world beyond. In the last six decades, NASA has constantly pushed frontiers and explored the areas in space which were once a mystery. It has discovered new regions and redefined the scientific and technical limits. Over the years, it has made great advances in the fields of aviation which in turn affected the economy and also strengthened the international diplomacy. 

NASA not just launched spacecraft but also dispatched various probes to nearly every planet in our solar system. Recently, it had sent Parker Solar Probe to unravel the mysteries of the sun. It has also successfully carried out nine manned missions and is planning for a moon mission again. It is all set to send human beings back to earth's natural satellite to collect more data. 

Created by Dwight D. Eisenhower, NASA has successfully led American Civilian space program and the rest of the world. Within ten days of its beginning, it launched the Pioneer 1, world's first spacecraft, which reached an altitude of 70,000 feet. The probe returned scientific data confirming the existence of the Van Allen radiation. NASA has made significant advances in the field of aviation and has also helped to develop the commercial aviation industry. It also generated jobs and is home to scientists from around the world.

Here's to NASA and its groundbreaking impact on the world - for discovering things which we never knew even existed!


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