Homes In New York Near Lake Erie Look Like Igloos Due To Extremely Cold Temperature

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Homes in Hoover beach were so frozen that the residents had to use tools to be able to get in and out of the doors.Strong winds blew water from the lake ashore.

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The homes in New York’s East coast nearby Lake Erie have reportedly turned into igloos due to extremely cold temperatures and snowstorms. Houses in Hamburg were seen covered with thick sheets of ice and sleet hung from doors and windows with heavily frosted roofs, confirmed media reports.

According to the reports, some homes in Hoover beach were so frozen that the residents had to use tools to be able to get in and out of the doors. Strong winds blew water from the lake ashore that glaciated the doors, completely enclosing homes with ice. A hoover beach local Ed Mis told the international media that he actually had to use a backdoor and then chisel his way back in by breaking a thick sheet of ice. He said that it was the sixth snowstorm within a few months, and it was wreaking havoc on everyone.

He said that until the ice melted for once and all, it was difficult to gauge how much damage was done across the town. He further added saying that the power lines had been damaged due to strong winds, plants died due to chilled temperature, and houses were just barely surviving.

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Lake effect caused heavy snowfall

International weather forecast reports suggest that the snowfall particularly near Lake Erie was heavy due to a phenomenon known as the ‘Lake Effect’. It involves cold dry winds that move over the lake, pick up moisture, and dump in on the shore as snow.

Similarly, a major storm dumped snow throughout the Rockies region overnight a few days ago that prompted a rare decision to close Salt Lake City’s public schools. The storm caused extensive flight delays and traffic accidents and led to the shutdown stretches of highways in Utah and Wyoming, as per media reports. The Utah Highway Patrol told the media that it responded to at least 257 crashes throughout the state owing to the bad weather.

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