Howdy, Modi: As Houston Turns Into India, Watch PM Modi's Full Speech

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PM Modi headlining the extravagant Howdy Modi event in Houston, Texas spoke extensively on topics ranging from terrorism to trade in his address.

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PM Modi headlining the extravagant Howdy Modi event in Houston Texas spoke extensively on topics ranging from terrorism to trade. With US President Donald Trump in the front row, PM Modi addressed the ecstatic Indian-American community. 

He said, "Diversity makes India great in the world. Unity in Diversity is our heritage, it's the basis of our vibrant democracy. It is our strength and inspiration. More than 50,000 Indians sitting here represent the greatness and diversity of India."

PM Modi on elections 

The Prime Minister highlighting the Lok Sabha 2019 elections, said that the flag of Indian democracy was waved acorss the world. He further added how 61 crore people participated in the elections, a number that is bigger than the entire population of the United States. 

He said, "This election, women voters were the highest and they were elected in the highest numbers as well. After 60 years, a government was elected with full majority greater than its previous vote share. The 2019 Lok Sabha elections waved the flag of Indian democracy throughout the world. 61 crore people participated in it. This is approximately double the total population of the US." 

"Today, the biggest mission and dream in India is New India. Today India's biggest mantra is 'sabka saath, sabka vikaas.' We are not competing with anyone else. We are competing only with ourselves. There are some people whose old mindset you can never change. In the last five years, 130 crore Indians have achieved such results in every field, which no one could have imagined before. We are aiming high, we are achieving higher," he added. 

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PM Modi on development

PM Modi accentuated on how India is bidding a farewell to 'filth, outdated laws and complicated tax structure' to build New India. 

He said, "Today rural sanitation is at 99%, the cooking gas connection has reached from 55% to 95% in our 5-year term. For us ease of doing business is as important as ease of living, and the way to that is empowerment. It is often said that data is the new oil. I would like to add that data is the new gold. Industry 4.0 focuses only on data. 1GB is available for about 25-30 cent." 

"In any country striving for rapid development, welfare schemes are necessary for its citizens. Along with running the welfare scheme for the needy citizens, some things are also being given to farewell to build a new India. We are bidding a farewell to filth, outdated laws and complicated tax structure, we are challenging corruption at every level," PM Modi added.  

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PM Modi on Article 370

In this address, PM Modi noted how the abrogation of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir has freed women, children, and Dalits of discrimination. 

He said, "We have also bid farewell to Article 370, it had deprived the people of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh of many benefits. Indian constitution will now be applied to Jammu & Kashmir as applied to the rest of India. Women, children, dalits are now free of any discrimination. 

PM Modi on terrorism

The Prime Minister, speaking at Howdy Modi event, emphasised how Donald Trump stood against terrorism, and in the same address took down Pakistan is a veiled attack. 

He said, "Due to what India is doing in its own country, some people who cannot handle their own country are having difficulties. The time has come for a decisive fight against terrorism and against those who promote terrorism. I would like to emphasise here that President Trump has stood firmly against terror in this fight. Some people, who can't control their country, are having problems with what is going on in India. Their politics is hatred towards India and cultivate terrorism. You and the entire world knows who they are." 

"9/11 in the US or the 26/11 Mumbai attacks in India, the brainchild is always found in the same place. It is high time we fight a decisive battle against the perpetrators and supporters of terrorism," he added. 

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PM Modi on economy

He further asserted how he is learning the 'art of dealing' with the US President Donald Trump and added that the country is working towards being a $5 trillion dollar economy. 

"India, today, isn't postponing challenges, it is fighting it head-on. India isn't working on small incremental changes but on complete solutions. We are realizing the impossible. President Trump calls me a tough negotiator. But he himself is an expert in the art of the deal. I am learning a lot from him. India has started preparing and working to become a $5 Tn economy. We are working on bettering infrastructure, investment, and export. We are building a people-friendly, development-friendly and investment-friendly atmosphere in India," he added.  

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