Howdy Modi: Trump Says Both Countries Working To Safeguard Borders

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President Donald Trump said both countries are fighting terrorism together and are taking measures to ensure that the borders of both countries are safe

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United States President Donald Trump said that both countries are fighting terrorism together and are taking measures to ensure that the borders of both countries are being safeguarded to protect the citizens of both countries. President Trump said, "Both India and the United States also understand that to keep our communities safe, we must protect our borders." He said that it is an important measure that both countries are taking up in order to combat terrorism and to safeguard the communities.

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Increased vetting to keep USA safe

President Trump was at the 'Howdy Modi' event at the NRG stadium in Huston, Texas and shared the stage with Prime Minister Modi. The two leaders spoke at lengths on multiple topics and President Trump mentioned how energy and security were two important sectors in the commercial relations of both the countries. He added that since he has taken over the office, his administration has taken up screening and vetting of applications 'on a daily basis' and has ensured that those who are likely to threaten the security of America will be denied entry. President Trump also highlighted that it is a vital issue for both countries, saying, "Border security is vital to the United States and border security is vital to India."

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President Trump stated that illegal immigrants will not be allowed in the United States in any case and even though there are voices in Washington against the decision to stop illegal immigration, he will not allow illegal immigrants to take advantage of the benefits such as 'healthcare'. He said that illegal immigrants are unfair for the citizens and the legal immigrants who work hard, pay the taxes and obey the laws of the country. President Trump also thanked Mexico's President Andres Obrador for helping safeguard the border to keep out the illegal immigrants by deploying 27,000 troops along the US-Mexico border.  

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NRC in India

Under the Modi Government, the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam was released on August 31, which declared 19 lakh people as illegal. Detention centres are being built to hold these illegal individuals. The administration is keen to weed out illegal citizens with Home Minister Amit Shah on September 18 stating the government will implement NRC across the country. He said, "The name itself is National Register of Citizens not National Register of Assam".

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