INCREDIBLE: Boiling Water Turns Into Ice Immediately When Exposed To The Polar Vortex That Has Frozen The US

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Several states in North America have shut down as they are experiencing freezing cold conditions owing to a polar vortex that has taken over the region in the past couple of days.

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Several states in North America have shut down as a polar vortex has cast a freezing spell lowering the temperature of the region way below normal. Several counties in the northern hemisphere are experiencing freezing cold conditions in the past couple of days as a blast of Arctic wind moved across the Midwest and into Eastern states. As per media reports, the temperature of the area dropped to nearly 50 degrees below zero on Wednesday and recorded the lowest temperature ever in the area on Thursday.

The nearly unthinkable temperatures have detained the life of the residents and have caused extensive damage from the freezing of airline gas lines to the collapse of electrical grids. The whole region has come to a virtual standstill and all educational institutions and offices have declared holidays. In fact, many people have succumbed to death suffering freezing cold. 

However, the homebound residents have got their own way to enjoy the extreme weather conditions as several people were seen posting videos and images of themselves throwing boing water into the air and seeing it turn instantly into ice. 

Here are some of the videos:

Meanwhile, many more videos and images depicting the unusual atmospheric conditions have surfaced on the internet. While in some pictures one can spot icy smoke over a frozen lake in other you can see snowy waves in the sea.

Take a look:


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Lilac at her berth during last years polar vortex. #polarvortex #steamship #nyharbor

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“Feels like -49°F”

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