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Indian American Democrat Shrina Kurani Enters Congressional Race From California

Indian-American engineer and entrepreneur announced that she will be running for the US House of Representatives from a Congressional District in California.

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Indian-American engineer and entrepreneur Shrina Kurani on July 22 announced that she will be running for the US House of Representatives from a Congressional District in California. The “bold, progressive leader,” who was born to Indian immigrant parents in Riverside, will be challenging 15-term Republican incumbent Ken Calvert for the mid-term elections in November 2022. According to her page, Shrina is running for Congress to bring her approach and real-world solutions to making things work better to Washington to put people first, develop a sustainable future, and build an Inland Empire where people feel safe, healthy, and have opportunities to succeed in fulfilling careers.

“As a first-generation American, my family worked together to build a successful pool supply business right here in Riverside. My parents didn't take a single day off for 10 years, but even that level of hustle is often not enough these days,” Shrina said. 

She added, “Opportunities are out of reach for far too many people while career Washington politicians like Ken Calvert are focused on helping themselves, their political parties, and their corporate donors”. 

‘Fact-based problem solver’ 

Further, Shrina described herself as “an engineer, entrepreneur and a fact-based problem solver and not a politician. She said that she has spent her career building businesses that reduce waste and create quality jobs. The Indian-American entrepreneur added that Ken Calvert has been in Washington for nearly 30 years and he's voted against “our interest time and time again. It's time for a new approach”. it is worth noting that Calvert, representing California’s 42nd Congressional District, was first elected in 1992.

Shrina graduated from La Sierra High School when she was 16 and has a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of California, Riverside. According to PTI, she has worked to start companies aimed at reducing waste and creating sustainable solutions for food and water. She has also served as an advisor to start-up businesses developing ways to make healthcare and education more affordable, accessible, equitable, and effective. It is worth noting that currently, there are four Indian Americans in the House of Representatives, which includes Dr Ami Bera, Ro Khanna, Raja Krishnamoorthi and Pramila Jayapal.

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