'Change Vote': Iowa Woman Asks Officials After Learning Presidential Candidate Is Gay

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An Iowa supporter of Pete Buttigieg asked officials to change her vote in the Democratic caucus after learning that the 2020 Presidential candidate is gay

Written By Ruchit Rastogi | Mumbai | Updated On:

An Iowa supporter of US Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg asked the officials to change her vote in the US Democratic caucus (first nominating contest in the Democratic Party primaries for the 2020 presidential election)after she learnt that the presidential candidate is gay. According to reports, the voter justified her actions by talking about her religious beliefs.

Woman asks back for voting card after learning candidate is gay

In a video that was posted Twitter, the woman was heard saying, "Are you saying that he has a same-sex partner? Are you kidding?".


She further said, "Well then I don't want anybody like that in the White House. So can I have my card back?"


One of the caucus officials said, "The whole point of it though, he's a human being, right, just like you and me and it shouldn't matter"


The voter in question replied by saying, "Well, he'd better read the Bible"


The caucus official later identified as Nikki Heever, said, "I would like you to just dig deep inside and think, should it matter if it's a woman or if it's a man or if they're heterosexual or homosexual if you believe in what they say?"


"I just ask you to look inside your heart, because you sound like a Christian woman to me and I'm a Christian woman, and my God wants me to love everybody,"

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Buttigieg's strong message to people

Pete Buttigieg on February 4 indirectly talked about his sexual orientation in a speech. According to reports, he said that his speech was a boost for a person wondering if he/she belongs in their own community or not.

According to reports, polls showcased mixed results regarding if the American Citizens were open to see a gay president in power. Buttigieg recently won the support of Equality California, one of America's biggest LGBTQ membership organizations and its Nevada based partner organization could result in giving him a much-needed boost in the upcoming elections.

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