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Joe Biden Thanks Newly Naturalised Citizens For Choosing U.S; Hails Immigrants' Courage

President Joe Biden has thanked newly naturalized citizens for choosing US. He praised the courage of migrants and said US will be worthy of their aspirations

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The United States President Joe Biden has thanked newly naturalized Americans for choosing the US. He praised the courage of migrants and added that they will contribute to American society. He also mentioned his own heritage as a descendant of Irish immigrants.

First and foremost, I want to thank you for choosing us and believing that America is worthy of your aspirations, he said.

Biden's message for naturalized Americans

Biden in his video released on April 5 called the US a great nation of immigrants. He said that it takes a lot of courage to leave your homes and come to a nation that is more than just a place. He added that the idea that everyone is created equal and should be treated equally.

The White House and US Citizenship and Immigration Services released the video publicly so that it can be viewed by new citizens and the public from home. The video has been among the elements cut for time. President typically records a message to be played at the end of naturalization ceremonies, moments after new citizens take the oath of allegiance. US President said that the title he is most proud of is being a citizen of the United States of America.

The title I’m most proud of, citizen, citizen of the United States of America, he said.

Former President Donald Trump also recorded a video for the naturalization ceremony at the start of his term. In his message, Trump had said about teaching American values and heritage. The Biden administration on February 12 announced plans for tens of thousands of asylum seekers waiting in Mexico for their next immigration court hearings to be allowed in the US while their cases proceed. Biden's administration had announced that the first stage of the program would begin on February 19. Asylum seekers were forced to stay south of the border while their cases were being resolved under Donald Trump's "Remain in Mexico" program. 

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